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Matt Earle is an entrepreneur and founder and President of

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Matt Earle is the founder and president of, Canada’s leading online management reputation company. With more than 15 years of experience in the field, Matt Earle is an expert and thought leader in search engine optimization and reputation management. Matt’s entrepreneurial ambition began before graduating from university. In 1999, he co-founded an online advertising company that focused on the growing online gaming industry. The company’s success and Matt’s enjoyment in leading it gave him inspiration to continue his work in the evolving SEO industry. After resuming his education and graduating from the University of Toronto, Matt took a position at, an online insurance broker, working to improve the organization’s online presence and client base. Using his knowledge of SEO practices, he led the insurance website to the top position in Google search results. Following success at, Matt established a search engine marketing program at henderson bas kohn in Toronto. Matt was then recruited to work for a Bermuda-based bank as an Internet Marketing Specialist. It was here that he discovered the growing need for online reputation management. In 2010, Matt returned to Toronto and, leveraging his entrepreneurial and SEO experience, founded, now Canada’s leading online reputation management company. Since its founding, has become the leader in Canada in providing expert, comprehensive online reputation management and has helped thousands of individuals and businesses strengthen their online presence. As the online reputation management industry has grown and as the need for ORM services has similarly grown, Matt Earle has become a regular speaker on reputation management issues, appearing regularly on national television, radio, and in print. In his free time, Matt enjoys racing sailboats, chasing his children, and cooking up his latest culinary delights.

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cooking, sailing, traveling,

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